Housing & Transportation

Leaving home and giving up the car keys can be enormous challenges for elders. Many feel that having a house or driving a car defines their independence.

As this chapter explains, many factors come into play when evaluating whether an elder should remain at home. For some, staying at home can be viable thanks to modifications and repairs that improve safety, as well as new "aging in place" community models that offer the benefits of assisted living without requiring the elder to move. For those elders who are ready (or need) to transition, a wide variety of elder housing options provide customized types of support and varying degrees of independence. There are also several types of nursing home facility to consider for elders who require continual medical assistance. (Should you find all these options overwhelming, there are elder housing resources to turn to for help.)

"To drive or not to drive?" can also be a sticky question. This chapter points you toward resources that can help you assess and manage your elder's particular situation, as well as details about the transportation services and programs available in his or her area.

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