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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 7: How Can You Use Active Learning to Teach Evolution?

Explain Part C: Using Technology

In Mr. Bingman's class, students used the Internet to do research and presented their findings to the class with PowerPoint presentations. Revisit their PowerPoint presentations in SESSION 6 to determine:


Did students use the technology effectively? Why do you think that?


What are other strategies for using technology effectively in classroom?

You can find further information about ways to use technology in teaching and learning at the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory Web site.

The Internet is filled with Web sites of varying quality and accuracy. In order to choose wisely, students need criteria for evaluating Web sites. Try the exercises found on the Virginia Tech University Web site to practice evaluating Web resources yourself.

What do you think are effective strategies for using technology to teach science?



Facilitator Note 5


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