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Frequently Asked Questions About Evolution
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Evolution on Trial
  1. What is "intelligent design," and is it science?  
  "Intelligent design theory" is built on the belief that evolution does not sufficiently explain the complexity that exists in life on Earth and that science should recognize the existence of an "intelligent designer." Proponents assert that their criticism of evolution is scientific, not religious. But the various aspects of intelligent design theory have not yet been subjected to the normal process of scientific experimentation and debate, nor have they been accepted by the scientific community. No research supporting the claims of intelligent design has ever been published in any recognized, professional, peer-reviewed scientific journal. Finally, the question of whether there is an intelligent designer is untestable using the methods of science, and therefore is not a scientific claim.
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  2. What is "creation science"? Is it a real science?  
  Proponents of "creation science" hold that special creationism -- the conviction that God created the universe, including humans and other living things, at one time in the relatively recent past -- can be supported using the methods and theory of science. Scientists from many fields have examined these ideas, however, and have found them to be scientifically insupportable. For example, evidence for a very young Earth is incompatible with many different methods of establishing the age of fossils and geological formations. Furthermore, because the basic proposals of creation science are not subject to test and falsification, these ideas do not meet the criteria for science.
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Evolution Revolution
  3. Wouldn't it be fair to teach evolution and "creation science" and/or "intelligent design" in public schools?  
  The Federal courts have ruled that creation science is not science at all, but a religious concept. Therefore it is not appropriate content for a science classroom. More to the point, evolution studies, like other sciences, are founded on a growing body of observable, reproducible evidence in the natural world, whereas "creation science" is based on accounts written in the Bible and "intelligent design" is not yet supported by scientific evidence. Teaching evolution alongside these other approaches would imply that creation science and intelligent design theory are as rigorously tested as evolution, and they are not.
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What Is Science?
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