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AI Reports: Liberia:
A chronological reading of the Amnesty reports posted here, prepared each year from 1997 to 2002, paints a discouraging picture of human rights in Liberia. The reports chronicle investigations of abuses, recommendations made to Charles Taylor's government for the monitoring and curbing of them, and present a bleak outlook for progress. Also available: an extensive archive of news reports on Liberia from Amnesty.

Liberian Orbit:
Liberian Orbit is a daily Web publication, newspaper-like in layout and scope. The focus is on domestic issues in Liberia. While largely political in nature, Orbit also covers other news, from socioeconomic conditions to sports. Plenty of space is also devoted to its West African neighbors.

The New Democrat:
The New Democrat is essentially a paper in exile, a Liberian-run and -focused paper founded in Liberia in 1993 but published in Holland since the destruction of its offices by President Charles Taylor's forces in 1996. Founded with the mission of providing alternative reporting and analysis of the country's civil war and attendant violence, it continues to be ardently antigovernment. Its tagline: "Emerging from its ashes: An Independent Liberian Voice."

"Liberians suffer from worn notes crisis":
A currency crisis of a different kind: Merchants, businesses, and even beggars in Liberia are refusing to accept "mutilated" or slightly torn money, rendering much of the currency in circulation worthless and putting Liberians in a precarious economic position.

Child Soldiers of Liberia:
It is estimated that about a fifth of the armed combatants in Liberia's civil war were under 17. How did boys as young as 8 years old come to participate in the conflict? LEAF (Liberian Education Achievement Foundation) presents a selection of personal stories from some of the boy soldiers themselves. The text of these interviews is accompanied by audio from The Radio Netherlands Broadcast.

American Colonization Society Collection: Maps of Liberia: 1830-1870:
The Library of Congress's unmatched collection contains 20 authentic 19th-century maps that chart the land encountered by the freeborn and emancipated Blacks who left the U.S. to resettle in West Africa as early as 1817. Click on "Geographic Locations" to access the whole collection. A timeline of Liberian history from 1815 to 1997 is a useful counterpart to the historical maps. Also included: a bibliography for those interested in reading more about the history of Liberia.

African American Perspectives: Pamphlets from Daniel A.P. Murray Collection 1818-1907:
The scope of the Library of Congress's Daniel A.P. Murray Collection is vast, with 351 pamphlets spanning topics of concern to the African American experience in the United States. All pamphlets in the collection are available online. A keyword search for Liberia turns up 17 related pamphlets, ranging from sermons to speeches delivered before the American Colonization Society to poems by the future president of Liberia, E.J. Barclay.

The World Factbook 2002: Liberia:
The CIA's World Factbook provides overviews of hundreds of countries around the world, Liberia among them. Statistics and information is provided for the following subjects: geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.

4 Letters from Liberia:
Four letters, sent from Liberia to Kentucky in the mid-19th century, offer four different perspectives on life on the coast of West Africa.

Liberia: A Casualty of the Cold War's End:
Kramer provides an overview of U.S. foreign policy toward Liberia drawn from interviews with policy makers, historic materials, and public records.

Africa: South of the Sahara: Liberia:
An extensive list of links to dozens of Liberia-related Web sites, from Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources.

Warfare in Africa since Independence:
This article provides context for Liberia's civil war and raging violence. It makes the argument that modern warfare in Africa -- characterized by armed conflict between warring ethnic groups that often leads to refugee crises, the spread of disease, and total infrastructural destruction -- grew largely out of the end of the Cold War, when much of the continent lost its strategic importance to the U.S. and USSR, and the focus in Africa itself switched from ideology to ethnic nationalism.

Pressing for Peace:
This 1996 NewsHour interview with Assistant Secretary of State George Moose focuses on some of the issues then hindering the peace process in Liberia's civil war, among them the widespread availabilty of illegal guns, ongoing ethnic clashes, and a destabilized region.

Country profile: Liberia:
A succinct but comprehensive overview of contemporary Liberia, the country profile also contains a brief biography of President Charles Taylor and a guide to Liberian media outlets.

World Report 2002: Liberia:
Human Rights Watch is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of human rights of people around the world. The HRW report chronicles the human rights abuses, violence, and corruption allelgedly practiced by the Liberian government against its own citizens. Also detailed: the country's extreme infrastructural damage and the government's participation in arms trafficking, the diamond trade, and violence elsewhere in the region.

Conflict Diamonds in West Africa:

Liberia: Current Issues and United States Policy, IB96025:

Exhibitions: Brief Autobiography of a Colored Woman Who Has Recently Emigrated to Liberia:

Exhibitions: Letter from Liberian Colonist Rosebell Burke.:

Liberia: History:

Cartage (Central Array of Relayed Transaction for the Advance of General Education): Liberia:

History: Liberia:

African Studies: Liberia:

African-American Mosaic: Colonization:

Time Line:

Anarchy's Children:

United States Agency for International Development:

Background Notes on Liberia:

Human Rights Report:

Diamond Trading in Belgium:

Sierra Leone - Gunrunners: Interview with Johan Peleman:

Sierra Leone - Gunrunners: The Story:

Sierra Leone - Gunrunners: Introduction:

United Nations Security Council: Disagreement on UN Sanctions Against Liberia:

United Nations Security Council: Sierra Leone and Liberia:

The Logs of War: The Timber Trade and Armed Conflict:

The Role of Liberia's Logging Industry on National and Regional Insecurity: Briefing to the UN Security Council:

Taylor-Made: The Pivotal Role of Liberia's Forests and Flag of Convenience in Regional Conflict:

Lucrative timber trade fuels Liberian war misery:

Documenting the South Collection:

Liberia's History: Time Line:
Prepared by a former Peace Corps volunteer to Liberia, this timeline focuses primarily on the achievements and challenges of the many men who have held the top office in Africa's oldest republic. The timeline ends with President Tolbert's execution in 1980, and a literal question mark as to how the country's problems escalated to this point.

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