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Site Credits

Project Directors
Julie C. Benyo, Content Director
Thea Sahr, Co-Content Director
Gurmeet Sandhu-Keaveny, Executive Producer

Sharon Broder

Jamie Biggar, Lead Developer
Kit Buckley, Database Developer
Jeff Maziarz, Developer

Kim Ducharme, Lead Designer
Jay Harlow, Designer
Anthony Cerasuolo, Production Designer
Erik Young, Production Designer

Content Producers
Barbara Petzen, Lead Content Producer
Outreach Coordinator
Teaching Resource Center
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Harvard University

Heidi Rutz, Content Producer
Ph.D. candidate
Islamic Studies

Content Producers
Anna Brooks, Content Developer
Cathi Kwon, Content Developer
Christopher Riegle, Content Developer

Karen Barss
Jack Cheng

Assistant Editors
Luke Crafton
Melanie MacFarlane

Julie Wolf, Lead Copyeditor
Sandy Kendall

Visual Research
Anna Clark

Jessica K. Cavano
Anna Clark
Hester L. Fuller
Michael McCrary
Laura Nooney
Marisa Nopakun
Caitlin O'Neil
Abby Wolf

Amy Tonkonogy, Video Producer
Chris Dietlin, Video Producer
Anthony Manupelli, Video Producer
Mary Ellen Gardiner, Production Manager
Peter Villa, Associate Producer
Mary Susan Blout, Online Video Segment Coordinator
Jon Alper, Video Compression

Content Advisors
Susan A. Adler
School of Education
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Ibrahim Ali
Lecturer, History Department
University of Maryland, College Park
Lecturer, School for Summer and Continuing Education
Georgetown University

Jonathan Friedlander
Outreach Director
International Institute

Mary A. McFarland
Educator, Consultant
Past-President, National Council for the Social Studies

Leslie S. Nucho
Vice President

Frank Tipton
Seven Hills School
Cincinnati, Ohio

S. Ilan Troen
Stoll Chair in Israel Studies
Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Brandeis University

Sherifa Zuhur
Department of Religious Studies
Cleveland State University

Technical Advisor
Peter Pinch

Business Administration
Walter Gadecki, Business Manager
Joseph Karaman, Business Manager
Jim Barton, Unit Manager
Maria Constantinides, Unit Manager

Executive in Charge
Michele Korf

Educational Programming and Outreach
Karen Barss, Director of Educational Print and Outreach Services
Denise Blumenthal, Associate Director, Educational Programming
Michael Mayo, Director of Development
Justin Brown, Administrative Assistant
Laurie Wolf, Administrative Assistant

WGBH Interactive
Ron LaRussa, Director
Ray Joyce, Associate Director
Lynn Clark, Scheduling Manager
Judith Rosenbaum, Office Coordinator
Maggie Cahill-Morasco, Confidential Secretary

Senior Executive
Brigid Sullivan, Vice President, Children's, Educational and Interactive Programming, and Media Access

Mimi Curran, Director of Budget Development

Nike Okediji, Legal Counsel
Scott Porter, Paralegal

National Promotion
Lisa Cerqueira, Publicist

Special Thanks
Jim Bracciale, Frontline
Marrie Campbell, Frontline
Louis Wiley, Frontline
Mary Halnon, PBS Online
Roy Zimmermann, CPB
Cheryl Williams, CPB

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