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Connecting Questions and Lessons
U.S. Foreign Policy: What have been the role and effects of U.S. foreign policies and actions in the Middle East?
Lesson 1: How 9/11 Shaped U.S. Foreign Policy
Lesson 2: From Coup to Revolution: U.S. Foreign Policy in Iran
Lesson 3: Changing Circumstances: Changing U.S. Foreign Policy
Religious Militancy: What is religious militancy and its relationship to terrorism?
Lesson 1: Terrorism: What's in a Word?
Lesson 2: Terrorist, Freedom Fighter, or Something in Between
Roles of Women: What factors determine the changing roles of women in the Middle East and Islamic societies?
Lesson 1: Who Wears a Veil?
Lesson 2: Muslim Women through Time
Lesson 3: How Many Wives?
Stereotypes: What are some typical misperceptions and stereotypes Westerners hold about Islam and the Middle East, and vice versa?
Lesson 1: Stereotypes: More Than Meets the Eye
Lesson 2: Dissecting the Media
Lesson 3: "Reading" Political Cartoons
Natural Resources: What role have natural resources played in the politics and economy of the Middle East?
Lesson 1: Middle East: Land, Resources, and Economics
Lesson 2: Got Water?
Lesson 3: Oil Crisis: What Would You Do?
Nation-States: How were the modern nation-states of the Middle East created?
Lesson 1: Mapping the Middle East
Lesson 2: A Meeting of World Leaders
Lesson 3: Israel-Palestine Peace Summit
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Politics: From Royalty to Democracy
Religion: Three Religions, One God
Economics: It's More Than Oil
Culture: A Rich Mosaic
Geography: An Ancient and Modern Crossroads
Science and Technology: Historical Innovation, Modern Solutions
Communities Respond: Case Studies
A High School Reacts
Unasked Questions Answered: A Panel on September 11 and Its Ramifications
Workable Peace: Curriculum Materials and Resources for Conflict Resolution
Communities Respond: Local Responses to 9/11
Educator's Resources
Historic Political Borders of the Middle East
Middle East Topographic and Natural Resources
Middle East Religion, Ethnic Groups, and Language Distribution
Muslim Population Worldwide
Teach with Multimedia
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