Little Women Viewer’s Guide

Ready to enhance your Little Women viewing experience? Get to know more about the cast, see behind-the-scenes photos, learn more about the story’s real-life history, and more! Get the best of everything Little Women in one place with MASTERPIECE’s viewer guide.

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    7 Surprising Facts About Angela Lansbury

    Love Little Women star Angela Lansbury? You’ll appreciate her even more when you find out about her fairy-tale romance, her astonishing best friend, and secrets to longevity. Read more here.

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    Quiz: Which Little Women Sister Are You?

    Where do you fit in the family of Little Women? From sweet-tempered to stubborn, selfless to spoiled, Louisa May Alcott’s got a sister for you, so take the March sister personality quiz and find out which of Marmee’s little women you really are. Take the quiz.

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    The Real-Life Inspirations of Little Women

    At the core of any adaptation of Little Women is the March family, including the four sisters whose stories have captivated generations of girls. Although the March family is fictional, the characters are heavily based on Louisa May Alcott’s real-life family.

    Get acquainted with the Marches and the Alcotts, two families with big hearts and incredible stories. Learn more here.

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    Little Women on the MASTERPIECE Studio Podcast

    Tune in to the MASTERPIECE Studio Podcast to hear interviews with the cast, creators, and even fans of the series!

    You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or on the MASTERPIECE website.

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    On-Set Secrets of Little Women

    In June of 2017, MASTERPIECE’s Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton visited the set of Little Women, filming at Ardmore Studios outside of Dublin, Ireland. See photos from her trip, and get a behind-the-scenes look at Little Women through an insider’s eyes! Read more here.

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    5 Surprising Facts About Little Women Star Maya Hawke

    Though you may be familiar with her last name, it’s time you knew more about breakout star Maya Hawke, who stars as Jo in MASTERPIECE’s all-new adaptation of Little Women. From her big-name education to her surprising next role, get the scoop on this young starlet! Read more here.

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    7 Surprising Facts About Little Women's Author, Louisa May Alcott

    How much do you know about Little Women‘s author, Louisa May Alcott? Here are 7 amazing facts about the truly fascinating woman who was, in so many ways, ahead of her time! Read more here.

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    All the Little Women: The (Mostly) Definitive List of Little Women Adaptations

    What do The African Queen, Cleopatra, Heathers, The Sopranos, Lost in Space, The Brady Bunch, and Bunheads have in common? Little Women! Find out how in our (mostly) definitive list of Little Women adaptations, here.


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