MASTERPIECE Mystery! Characters Crossword

Are you a die-hard MASTERPIECE Mystery! fan? Put your knowledge to the test with our themed crossword puzzle.  [Instructions: Click in a square to type a letter. Once you’ve typed all the letters in a word, it will turn green if you are correct, red if incorrect.]

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1. Four legged Grantchester star
2. Geordie and Cathy Keating’s oldest daughter
3. Grantchester’s Amanda was married to this man
4. DCI Cassie Stuart’s father
5. Actor John, original Morse
6. Laurence Fox played this sidekick in Inspector Lewis
7. Mystery series character introduced in The Missing
8. Fan favorite love interest for Endeavour Morse
9. Sanjeev Bhaskar detective in Unforgotten
10. Benedict Cumberbatch iconic Mystery role
11. Celebrated Helen Mirren role
12. Roger Allam is this Endeavour detective
13. Sidney Chambers successor
14. Landlady at 221B Baker Street
15. Detective in Elizabeth George books
16. Sherlock foe
17. David Suchet portrayed this Christie detective
18. Kenneth Branagh starred as this Swedish detective
19. This female amateur sleuth lived in St. Mary Mead
20. Michael Kitchen portrayed this detective in a long running series


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