The New Cast and Characters of Season 3

Fresh new faces arrive in Sanditon Season 3, bringing consequential secrets, romantic prospects, and Austen-inspired plot twists with them. Learn about this handful of resort newcomers including the actors who portray them, where you’ve seen the new cast before, and how their characters may intersect with Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes), and others.


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    Sophie Winkleman as Lady Susan

    The Character: Charlotte’s high-society confidante from Season 1 returns to Sanditon for the season. While readily offering counsel on true love to Charlotte, Lady Susan may need advice now herself.

    Where You’ve Seen Her: Sophie Winkleman might be familiar from performances aired on both sides of the pond. Her feature films include 2005’s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and her TV credits range from Endeavour Season 6: Apollo to Hot in Cleveland and Two and a Half Men.

    Fun Fact: According to Winkleman, Rose Williams (Charlotte Heywood) helped her achieve a Regency era mindset. “Rose is very glued up on the details—how you’d hold your cup, rest your hands, how you’d hold your reticule [handbag]. She’s very knowledgeable about it all and we take a lot of cues from her.”

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    Liam Garrigan as Samuel Colbourne

    Actor Liam Garrigan as Samuel Colbourne in Season 3 of Sanditon on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    The Character: Samuel Colbourne, Alexander’s estranged brother, is called upon in Georgiana’s time of need. “He is a lawyer who lives and works in London, and is possibly a little bit of a rogue,” says Garrigan. Once reunited with his family, Samuel realizes Sanditon might be just what he needs. Could there be someone keeping him there?

    Where You’ve Seen Him: Garrigan has twice portrayed King Arthur: First in the TV series Once Upon a Time and then in 2017’s science fiction film Transformers: The Last Night. He also appeared in the TV series 24: Live Another Day.

    Fun Fact: A Regency era newcomer, Garrigan was eager about the Sanditon role. “The opportunity to wear these fabulous costumes and the chance to visit some beautiful sets was a no brainer,” he says. “Plus, we shoot in Bristol, and I live in Bristol, so it’s only a 10-minute drive from my house!”

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    Emma Fielding as Lady Montrose

    The Character:  A typical mother in the Jane Austen vein, Lady Montrose arrives on the scene with one objective: “She’s desperately trying to marry off her kids to wealthy people as Sanditon is where the new money is,” says Fielding. Lady Montrose is unashamedly forward in her advances since the family coffers are empty. She sets her sights on Alexander Colbourne for Lydia and Georgiana for Harry. Might she meet with some success?

    Where You’ve Seen Her:  MASTERPIECE viewers may recognize Fielding from her appearances in both mysteries and period dramas. She portrays Chief Julia Dahlman in the Amsterdam-based crime show Van der Valk, and has appeared in Endeavour, Unforgotten, and Wallander. Fielding played Nicolette in Les Misérables and the spinster Miss Galindo in Cranford.

    Fun Fact: “When my Mum was pregnant, she read Jane Austen, so it was Emma that inspired my name,” Fielding tells MASTERPIECE. “I suppose, I am a bit in debt to Austen for that. She was also considering one of her favorite Catholic saints—Saint Augustine—and calling me Augustina. I’m very glad she settled on Emma. It’s much easier to spell!”

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    Edward Davis as Lord Harry Montrose

    Actor Edward Davis as Lord Henry Montrose in Season 3 of Sanditon on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    The Character: Lord Harry is a charismatic and confident new face in Sanditon—as well as a young man with closely held secrets. While instructed by his mother to win Georgiana’s hand (and fortune), “he does enjoy being rebellious,” says Davis.

    Where You’ve Seen Him:  Sanditon is not Davis’s first foray into Jane Austen. He appeared in the 2020 feature film Emma alongside Anya Taylor-Joy (The Miniaturist), Bill Nighy (Worricker), and Josh O’Connor (The Durrells in Corfu, Les Misérables, The Crown) and 2019’s Pokémon: Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds and Kathryn Newton (Little Women). His TV work includes the 2023 series Dune: The Sisterhood.

    Fun Fact: Davis relishes playing a character of elevated status in Sanditon. “I’ve now gone up the social scale from a silent footman [in Emma] straight to a Duke, which I am pretty happy about!”

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    Alice Orr-Ewing as Lydia Montrose

    Actor Alice Orr-Ewing as Lydia Montrose in Season 3 of Sanditon on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    The Character: Lydia is the put-upon daughter of Lady Montrose; she shoulders her mother’s incessant scheming with patience and good humor. “Lydia is open to the possibility of meeting someone as she feels it’s her sense of duty,” says Orr-Ewing. We have to wonder though, if Lydia’s personal desires will align with her mother’s.

    Where You’ve Seen Her:  MASTERPIECE audiences may recognize Orr-Ewing from her turn as Lady Flora Hastings in Victoria and from Endeavour Season 6: Apollo (alongside Sanditon costar Sophie Winkleman). More recently, she appeared in the 2018 miniseries A Very English Scandal and the 2022 film The Devil Conspiracy.

    Fun Fact: Though her Sanditon character is an accomplished equestrian, Orr-Ewing had to learn to ride for the role. “I found riding quite counterintuitive because … you’ll grip the reigns if you’re scared, [but] that’s a sign to go faster for the horse!”

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    Cai Brigden as Ralph Starling

    The Character: We first met Ralph Starling when Charlotte dropped her bombshell announcement at the end of Season 2. The fledgling fiancé is confident he knows Charlotte better than anyone, but will his belief be shaken when he accompanies her to Sanditon?

    Where You’ve Seen Him: Brigden has appeared in TV miniseries including 2020’s Damned and 2019’s cold war drama Summer of Rockets alongside MASTERPIECE favorite, Keeley Hawes (The Durrells in Corfu, Mrs. Wilson).

    Fun Fact: Brigden admits Sanditon viewers let him know they weren’t happy after Season 2 aired. “Woke up on my birthday to find a lot of anti-Ralph sentiment. I just wanna say—I’m loving it,” Brigden tweeted. “100% separate myself from [my] character. Knock yourselves out!”

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    James Bolam as Rowleigh Pryce

    Actor James Bolam as Rowleigh Pryce in Season 3 of Sanditon on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    The Character: Rowleigh Pryce is a curmudgeonly investor whom Tom Parker invites to financially support the developing resort. While he comes to town on business, Pryce runs into someone from his past. Could it be that romance in Sanditon may not be just for the young?

    Where You’ve Seen Him:  Bolam’s lengthy acting career dates back to 1962’s classic British film The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. He’s also been on the small screen in TV shows like Doctor Who and Midsomer Murders.

    Fun Fact: Bolam and Sanditon co-star Anne Reid (Lady Denham) know each other well, having acted together in many projects over the years. They first met decades ago when Bolam was wooing Reid’s Coronation Street co-star Susan Jameson, to whom he’s still married.


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