Decoding Activity: Recognizing Phonemes
Here is the translation:

We begin our trip at a familiar place, a body like yours and mine.
It contains a hundred trillion cells that work together by design.
And within each one of these many cells, each one that has DNA,
The DNA code is exactly the same, a mass-produced resume.
So the code in each cell is identical, a remarkable but valid claim.
This means that the cells are nearly alike, but not exactly the same.
Take, for instance, the cells of the intestines; that they're vital is certainly plain.
Now think about the way you would think if those cells were the cells in your brain.

(Excerpt from "Journey into DNA" on the "Cracking the Code" Web site, NOVA Online.)

So how did you do? Assuming you found the exercise difficult (that was our intention), consider that we disguised only eight of the forty-four known phonemes in the English language. And imagine if this weren't a game.
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