Memory Activity: Recall and Understanding
Read the passage below and complete the quiz that follows. Click the button next to your answer.

Question 1:
According to the Oxygen Theory, the gases produced from the complete combustion of a candle
A. can support the breathing of a mouse.
B. are nonflammable.
C. are toxic to growing plants.
D. are rich in hydrogen gas.

Question 2:
According to the Oxygen Theory, both the burning of a material and the rusting of a metal involve
A. converting the elements of the material into gaseous compounds.
B. removing oxygen from the material and releasing it into the air.
C. producing high temperatures as a result of the chemical reactions.
D. forming oxygen-containing compounds from the elements in the material.

Question 3:
Which of the following best states the intent of the Oxygen Theory passage?
A. to prove that all substances that burn contain oxygen
B. to show that during a chemical reaction, matter is neither created nor destroyed
C. to show that if air in a closed container did not support combustion, it could still contain oxygen
D. to explain the process of converting wood ash into rust

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