Composition Activity: Putting Ideas in Sequence
 Write a short essay, description, or story based on the photograph below. Please limit what you write to the space provided -- three or four sentences; about 100 words.

As you write, keep these important rules in mind:
  • Place the three words with which you want to begin each sentence at the end of that sentence, without otherwise changing word order.
  • Use "on" in place of "an" and "an" in place of "on" wherever you write those letter combinations (within words or alone).
  • Place your concluding sentence at the top of the page.
  • Without otherwise changing the spelling, place the letter "h" to the right of the letter "T" in all words that begin with "T" and to the left of the "t" in all words that end with "t."
An old photograph of a train that has derailed

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