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Image Credits 
Underwater Dream Machine homepage
Image composite: (Alicia) © Context TV; (underwater scene) © iStockphoto/Pablo Lao

Breakfast With Nemo
Images: (Jules Verne) Public domain/Courtesy wikipedia.org; (all except Jules Verne) by Alphonse de Neuville and Edouard Riou, Public domain/Courtesy wikipedia.org

A Lifelong Dream
Images: (Peter Robbins in Alicia, Alicia above the surface, Peter Robbins and Rudi Wieser) © Context TV; (Tom Swift cover) Used with permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc.; (Sierra Madre Express) Courtesy Sierra Madre Express; (Perry Boat) Courtesy Dennis Denton/Atlantis Submarines

Submersibles Through Time
Images: (William Bourne submarine illustration) Courtesy Brayton Harris; (bathysphere) © Wildlife Conservation Society; (Trieste) Courtesy U.S. Navy; (Alvin, Autonomous Benthic Explorer) © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; (Johnson Sea-Link, Clelia) Courtesy Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution; (inside the Mir II) © Ralph White/CORBIS; (Deep Flight I) © Hawkes Ocean Technologies; (Phil Nuytten in DeepWorker 2000) Courtesy Nyutten Research Ltd. by Nate Johnson; (ROV Hercules) Courtesy IFE/URI/NOAA

High-Tech Tourism
Images: (astronaut in space) Courtesy NASA; (suborbital flight shuttle, MiG) Courtesy Space Adventures; (zero-gravity passengers) Courtesy Zero Gravity Corporation; (submarine and polar bears) Courtesy U.S. Navy; (Titanic bow) © Ralph White/CORBIS; (Wet Flight personal sub) Courtesy Hawkes Ocean Technologies

TV Program Description
Image: (Alicia on test run) © Context TV

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TV Program Credits

Directed by
Andreas Sawall

Produced by
Sarah Kinsella

Narrated by
Neil Ross

Edited by
Jenn Feray
James Curry

Andreas Bremer
Daniel Petry
Jürgen Friess

Underwater Camera
Jan Hinrich Hoffmann
Tom Baumgarten

Sound Recordists
David Kammerer
Andrea Geiselhart

Clear Cut Pictures
Rossi Multimedia

Production Team Context TV
Philip Wahl
Evelyn Wenzel
Anna von Wagner

Production Manager
Selina Kay

Online Editor and Colorist
James Curry

Audio Mix
Greg Gettens

Original Music
Judith Edelman

Archival Material
BBC Motion Gallery
US National Archives and Records Administration
Footage from 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Executive Producer Context TV
Daniel Petry

Executive Producers Dox Productions
Duncan Copp
David Sington


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