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Ocean Explorer
The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration offers this detailed Web site on deep sea exploration. Learn about cutting-edge submersibles, view a photo and video gallery, find summaries of recent expeditions, and more.

Submersible Alvin
Take a virtual tour of the famed submersible Alvin on this Web site from the University of Delaware. Be sure to browse the site's "Call to the Deep" page, where visitors can listen to recorded phone calls between high school classrooms and scientists working a mile and a half below the surface.

Research Submersibles
The Marine Technology Society provides detailed information on 15 manned research submersibles currently in use by scientists around the world.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Learn about the latest research, engineering, and educational projects from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Harbor Branch Oceanographic
The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution is a nonprofit devoted to marine science, aquaculture, mammal conservation, and ocean engineering. On its Web site, view streaming video of its latest projects.


The Submarine: A History
by Tom Parrish. Viking Adult, 2004.

Illustrated Directory of Submarines of the World
by David Miller. Zenith Press, 2002.

Essentials of Oceanography
by Tom S. Garrison. Brooks Cole, 2005.

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Into the Abyss
A daring expedition attempts to retrieve several "black smoker chimneys" from the seafloor a mile and a half down.

Hitler's Lost Sub
A fisherman's net snags off the coast of New Jersey, revealing a missing World War II German U-boat.

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