NOVA Online: Kidnapped By UFOs?

Interview with John Velez
An artist who believes he has been abducted by aliens

photo of John Velez Quote: A blinding light went off.  My whole body went limp...

NOVA: I want you to first tell us about what these aliens look like, a physical description.

drawing of alien by John Velez VELEZ: I've seen three different types. The small gray ones. They're about three to three and a half feet tall. They have like an upside down pear shaped head, with a pointy chin; large black eyes that wrap around the sides of the head; and very thin bodies,arms like Gumbies, they look like rubbery things. It's not joints kind of like we have. And just very, very thin.

drawing of alien by John Velez Then there's another group that are smaller, maybe two feet high, that wear these burlapy, very rough fabric robes; and have bluish or purplish skin—very dark skin.

Then there's a taller version—of the gray variety that I described, with the big eyes—that are usually the ones that are involved in the medical procedures. Or if there's any communicating that needs to be done, they're usually the ones that do it.

NOVA: What is the single most striking thing about their appearance?

(Hear John's response to this question (in RealAudio) or read it below.)

VELEZ: The eyes. Oh, the—(laughing) why, what's so striking about it? The eyes. They talk with their eyes. It's their eyes, when you look into their eyes, it's like you can get lost in them. They're very deep and they talk. Their eyes talk. They communicate with you through their eyes. They get very close when they talk. They usually get within inches, so that their faces are right here. And the eyes are all you see, and feel the vision. So I would say the eyes are the most striking.

NOVA: Describe, as much as you remember, some of the details of the spacecraft, both from the outside and then going in.

drawing of spacecraft by John Velez VELEZ: Well, I've had one awake close up visual sighting, back in 1978, where I saw a light. It was just a huge formless football-shaped light. There was no craft visible within this light, that was moving very slowly over the top of a building that was maybe—the craft must have been 60 to 80 feet away from me. But it moved very slowly and disappeared behind the roof line. Later, during regression, I remembered seeing the actual craft. And it was a classic saucer-shaped silver metallic disk, with a hump on top. There was a very bright red rotating light on the top, and a green light on the bottom.

I've also seen a triangular-shaped craft, a huge black triangular-shaped craft. And I've also seen a large round orange ball of light. I don't know what's inside the light. But I've seen a huge orange ball of light. Those are the craft I remember seeing through the regressions.

NOVA: Could (you) briefly describe how an abduction experience typically begins. The early stages, when you know something's going on. How do you feel physically?

VELEZ: It usually begins with either lights or a humming sound. The room will just be flooded with light. Or there'll be this humming background, humming sound and an almost electrical feeling to the air. And then I'll either begin to feel very, very heavy—as if I weighed ten thousand pounds, or frozen, immobilized. At that point, usually these little beings—the grays I described—they'll enter the room. And they'll take me on board a craft. Not always, but most times there's a physical check-up or a procedure that's performed. They have taken semen samples from me. They have implanted devices of unknown purpose and origin into my brain and into my body.

And there's usually some kind of communication is done, during the abduction. I've been shown apocalyptic visions of the destruction of the earth, the results of all our pollution and raping of the planet: floods, fires, disasters of every imaginable kind. I think what they've been showing me are the results of our interference with the natural order in the world. And that's pretty much thematic of the abduction experiences.

NOVA: Talk about the beginning of the abduction experience. That sense of not being able to move—

VELEZ: Well, I think the best way to do that would be to relate an actual experience. I was coming home one evening. I saw a strange light over a building. It disappeared behind the roof line. And I remembered, as I walked down the block, being very frightened and paranoid, feeling like something or somebody was going to jump out of the bushes and either mug me or hurt me in some kind of a way. And when I got 10 or 15 feet away from the entrance to my house, there—the house that I lived in had these low hedges in front. From behind the hedges, three or four of these little beings just walked out onto the path in front of me, where I could see them.

drawing of alien by John Velez And my first reaction was confusion. I didn't know what I was looking at. I was wondering if they were some kind of animals maybe, or skinned cats or something. I couldn't figure what I was looking at. And when the realization dawned on me, that these things were not human beings, panic set in. And it's so intense that it takes your breath away. You can't breathe, you can't move. I don't know if the immobile—if the feeling of being immobilized is some mind control on their part, or if I was just so paralyzed from fear, that I couldn't move. But usually the first few moments of these experiences involve initial confusion, then shock, fear, terror. And then this calming comes over you. You just get very calm. And a feeling of recognition. I remember having seen these things before and all the fear just kind of washes away.

NOVA: Have you ever had an experience where you remember trying to struggle or cry out? And if so, what happened?

VELEZ: Yes. There's two. I was taken from my bedroom one night. And I was being carried out of the house. And these beings have the ability to literally walk through walls, doors, solid objects. I don't know if it's some kind of a mechanism, or whatever it is. But they have the ability to pass through solid objects. And when we passed through the back wall of my house, I momentarily regained normal waking consciousness, and began to fight them with all the strength I had. And I was—I was in a pure state of pure panic and terror. And I was screaming at them: This is real!! You guys are real!! This is really happening!! And one of the little guys I described—the ones with the robes, the little blue guys—reached over with what looked like a closed automobile antenna, and touched me on the forehead with it.

A blinding light went off. My whole body went limp and I was completely incapacitated. But for those few moments I was lucid and I fought. And they're very, very strong. I did not break away. I didn't manage to hurt them in any way. And then they have this human cattle prod that they use, that's a really effective toy.

NOVA: So you've probably had experiences that might have to do with genetic experiment(s)—have you been part of this?

VELEZ: Yes. On several occasions I remember being subjected to a procedure that involves taking semen. Placed on a operating table, immobilized. I was induced to have an erection—Mind you there are no sexual feelings or any passion connected with this. It's a very cold procedure. I remembered feeling very stiff and sore in the groin region. And they have a cone-shaped device that's attached to a long hose, that comes from a wall. They placed that over my genitals. I experience an electrical tingling sensation, and then an orgasm. The semen is collected by this device. The aliens are usually expressed—you know, they're very pleased with the results. They get very excited.

After one of the medical procedures, I was led down a series of corridors, to another room. When we first entered the room, it was a long rectangular—metallic walls, floor, ceiling, room. No furniture. Nothing on the walls. And just as we entered, the long wall that was over on my left, receded up into the ceiling. And it revealed row upon row upon row of canisters. I don't know if they were made out of glass, plexiglass, plastic—I don't know. Canisters. They were filled with a clear luminous green liquid and inside each canister, attached by little wires and things, was one of these little hybrids. It was just suspended in there. And for a split second, I thought they were specimens, they were dead.

I was overwhelmed by the presence of their minds and their intelligence. I mean I knew I was in the presence of superior intelligence here. They were aware of me. They knew I was there. But to look at these things, you'd think they were dead. They looked like little specimens, hanging in jars. There must have been 10 to 15 rows high. And the shelves, the racks were deep. They went deep back into the wall. So there must have been thousands of these things in there.

And at that point, from the opposite end of the room, six of these alien creatures wheeled in a cart. Three of them were each holding two of these little hybrids. One creature was holding one, and presented it to me. He brought it over to me and asked me if I was willing—If I wanted to hold it? And it was so small, maybe 10 inches long. And very frail looking. I could hold it in my cupped hands. And I was afraid of dropping it actually. And at that point, I was told that these seven—they were seven sisters, seven females of the species. Although there are no genitalia or sex organs that you can see. I was informed that they were my offspring.

drawing of alien by John Velez

NOVA: How were you told that?

VELEZ: I was presented with this one little alien creature. And I was told that the one I was holding, and the other six that these—I'll call them nurses—were holding, were mine.

NOVA: And how did the aliens communicate that notion to you?

VELEZ: That—you hear that all in your head. They communicate telepathically. They think at you, and you hear it in your head. Actually, what I hear in my mind—what I remember hearing in my mind, during hypnosis, is a very soft raspy whisper. Their voices sound like they're whispering in your head.

NOVA: Can you give an example?

(Hear John's response to this question (in RealAudio) or read it below.)

VELEZ: An example (laugh), yeah. You know, they'll—they—there's always someone there reassuring you and calming you. And what you'll hear is: (soft voice) You're fine, we're not going to harm you—this doesn't hurt. You know, all of these little reassuring phrases, but in a very—a little raspier than that. You know, but a raspy whisper is what I hear in my head.

NOVA: Tell me how it made you feel, when they communicated to you that these might, in fact, be your offspring?

VELEZ: I cried. I was terribly upset. Because—and I kept—and I expressed this to them. I said: How can these be mine? They're not human. They didn't look human. And I was also terribly upset because I knew that they were going to take them away from me. That these weren't offspring that I could raise, rear, keep. Not that I'd know how to do that with them anyway. But that feeling of loss was also there. That these—they were being taken away from me.

NOVA: There's disagreement, as you may know, on the part of these researchers about what the real purposes of these visitations are. What do you think? Why do you think aliens are here?

VELEZ: All right, this is pure speculation on my part. Because I don't think anybody knows for sure. With the exception of the aliens and maybe Uncle Sam—and they're not talking. What I think is going on is, I believe these creatures have always been here. I believe their role is basically a caretaker role. I believe that their race is incapable of reproducing itself. And that these beings have lived in a symbiotic relationship with mankind throughout the ages.

They need us in order to reproduce themselves. I believe that that's what the hybrids are. I believe the hybrids are just simply more of them. I honestly can't say, with any authority, that they're from another world—although, they may be originally—or what their ultimate purposes are here. I mean all of this could very well be a preamble to invasion, for all I know.

But my feeling is that they're very concerned about the physical state of the world. The earth is in serious trouble. And I believe they're also terribly concerned at our suicidal tendencies, as a race. That we're apparently heading—you know, we're headlong into oblivion without any care or concern. And I think that they have literally been forced to intercede.

Alien art by John Velez.

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