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Caitlin Feeley, Web Intern
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Juergen Liebig, University of Arizona
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Justin Schmidt, University of Arizona
Christian Seignobos, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Paris

Image Credits 
Master of the Killer Ants homepage
Image: (all) © Jerome Raynaud/ZED

Jaglavak, Prince of Insects
Images: (ant drawing) drawn by and used with permission of Henri-Pierre Aberlenc; (map) adapted from original in the article "Les Mofu et Leurs Insectes"; (all black-and-white drawings, including Mofu house, labeled Mofu house from top and side, chief's house, goat sacrifice, sorghum stalks, three drawings in one, horsemen) drawn by and used with permission of Christian Seignobos; (Mofu dwelling, boys with praying mantis) © ZED

Being Queen
Images: (queen leafcutter ant) © Alex Wild/; (ant biting finger) © Carl W. Rettenmeyer/; (ants with larva) © Kurt Kuene/; (honey bees/stingless bees) from Ratnieks, F.L.W., Wenseleers, T. 2005. "Policing Insect Societies." Science, 307: 54-56. Reprinted with permission from AAAS; (naked mole rat) © Cohen, NZP photographer; (termite) © Anthony Bannister; Gallo Images/CORBIS

Bugs You Can Eat
Images: (all) © Peter Menzel

Amazing Ants Game
Images: (all) © Alex Wild/

TV Program Description
Image: (Mofu boy) © Jerome Raynaud/ZED

Program credits

TV Program Credits

Written and Directed by
Jérôme Raynaud

Produced for NOVA by
Elizabeth Arledge

Associate Producer
Molly Longstreth

Edited by
Deborah Braun
Françoise Berger Garnault
Nathan Hendrie

Director of Photography and Assistant Director
Benoît Segur

Insect Camera
Christophe Lemire

Jean-Baptiste Benoit
Guy-Robertson Rabarivelo

Music by
Cyril Morin
Arnaud Gauthier

Additional Music by
John Kusiak

Narrated by
Neil Ross

Written for Zed by
Claude Valenta

Amidou Ousmanou

Hot Air Balloon Pilot
Dany Cleyet-Marel

Thomas Subtil

Color Correction
Guillaume Lips

Sound Editing
Raphaël Andrieu

Sound Effects
Jonathan Liebling

Voice Over
Ben Smith
Gary Granville
Matthew Geczy

Recording Studio
Fabienne Pothion/RGB

Audio Mix
Lionel Etchevery
Jim Sullivan

Scientific Advisors
Christian Seignobos, Director of research IRD
Corinne Rouland, Dr. IRD
Champlain Djeto Lordon

Special Thanks
Chief of the canton of Wazang
Village of Wazang
Christian Seignobos, Jean-Philippe Deguine and Pierre-Henri Aberlenc, authors of the article "The Mofu and their Jaglavak insects, Prince of insects for the Mofu of north Cameroon"
François Riviere, IRD Cameroon
Bernard Surugue, Director of Research - IRD audiovisuel
Jeanne-Françoise Vincent
Bernard Mathieu
Relais de la porte Mayo
Maschigraway, Sidi Bi Makabay and Idrissou
Centre National de la Cinematographie
Anna Glogowski
Fabrice Puchault
Olivier Guiton
Muriel Rosé


For Zed

Produced by
Manuel Catteau

Production Executive
Emilie Demanche

Post-Production Executive
Anne-France Pelerin

Production Administrator
Sandrine Roux

Production IRD audiovisuel
Brigitte Surugue Poher

NOVA Series Graphics
yU + co.

NOVA Theme Music
Walter Werzowa
John Luker
Musikvergnuegen, Inc.

Additional NOVA Theme Music
Ray Loring

Post Production Online Editor
Mike Amundson

Closed Captioning
The Caption Center

NOVA Administrator
Ashley King

Eileen Campion
Yumi Huh
Lindsay de la Rigaudiere
Kate Becker

Gaia Remerowski

Production Coordinator
Linda Callahan

Raphael Nemes

Talent Relations
Scott Kardel, Esq.
Janice Flood

Legal Counsel
Susan Rosen Shishko

Assistant Editor
Alex Kreuter

Associate Producer, Post Production
Patrick Carey

Post Production Supervisor
Regina O'Toole

Post Production Editor
Rebecca Nieto

Post Production Manager
Nathan Gunner

Supervising Producer
Stephen Sweigart

Business Managers
Joseph P. Tracy
Carla Raimer

Producers, Special Projects
Lisa Mirowitz
David Condon

Coordinating Producer
Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell


Jaglavak, Prince of Insects © 2006 ZED in association with France 3,

IRD Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Equator TV – Ali Hossaini, Equator HD Canada - John Panikkar, RTBF – Claire Colart, TSR – Irène Challand, TV5 Monde - Suzanne Laverdière

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