Arctic Dinosaurs

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Chapter 1
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Alaskan Thunder Lizards

High in the unforgiving environment north of the Arctic Circle, two teams of paleontologists unearth dozens of dinosaur fossils.
running time 10:37

Chapter 2
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Blasting for Fossils

Scientists dynamite a 65-foot tunnel into the permafrost along Alaska's Colville River while a second team uses more traditional methods to excavate a Pachyrhinosaurus graveyard.
running time 7:31

Chapter 3
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Secrets in the Leaves

Paleobotanist Robert Spicer attempts to find out how much warmer the polar climate was 70 million years ago by examining ancient plants.
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Chapter 4
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Polar Summers

The impressions preserved in rock by birds, insects, and other small animals reveal that in the time of the dinosaurs Alaska had a rich ecosystem during the summer months.
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Chapter 5
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Path to Extinction

The discovery that dinosaurs thrived in cold, dark conditions helps call into question the long-standing theory that an asteroid impact was entirely responsible for their extinction.
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Chapter 6
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Warm-Blooded Beasts

Dinosaurs likely had their own unique solution to the body temperature problem, which allowed them to survive for millions of years in some of the toughest seasonal conditions their world had to offer.
running time 6:13

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