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Alan Sage

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“A plant lab was perfect for me because I didn’t have to deal with gruesome killing.”


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Alan Sage is a vegetarian scientist who channels his obsessiveness into biological research.


Alan is a rapper who raps about life and philosophy and not eating things with eyes.

Defying Expectations

Alan Sage's vegetariansism leads to his getting a letter from a Beatle.

A Vegetarian Scientist?

Alan Sage may look "terribly Jewish," but he's a crazy rapper.

30 Second Science with Alan Sage

We give Alan Sage 30 seconds to describe his science and he tells us that we're a vegetable.

10 Questions for Alan Sage

We ask Alan Sage 10 questions and he tells us that Leonard Cohen makes him "morbidly depressed."

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About Alan Sage

Alan Sage was a finalist in Intel’s Science Talent Search and is currently studying Biology as an undergraduate at Yale University.

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