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Ask Jessica Your Questions

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Are you a robot? Does your furniture move? Wouldn’t your skull look nicer with beads?

OK, now it’s your turn.

Q: Stephen

Hi Jessica,

I just watched the episode on how dreams work. I found it interesting that people performed better at the video game after a nights sleep. My dog does not learn tricks easily. Do you think I could apply a similar concept by teaching him tricks before bed? Could this concept be applied to other species?

A: Jessica Banks

Hi Stephen,
Sorry for the late reply! I am not an expert on dreams at all. Basically I think people perform better when they are well rested. As long as your dog isn’t pulling all nighters, I am not sure that teaching him before bed would help. A proper trainer might be more effective. As for other species…I have no idea. I know I could never teach my hermit crab to weave, but then again it was really hard to know when it was sleeping.