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Ask Myron Your Questions

ByTom MillerThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Myron Rolle knows a lot about a lot of things, including football and brain surgery (you heard me right!).

Q: Tyler S.

So Myron, what’s your secret to being so successful ?

A: Myron Rolle

A good God, family/friends and a keen focus on your goals! I also like remembering that people sacrificed much so that we could have the opportunities we have now. To repay them, we must work hard!

Q: “grandmom”

Thoughts about NFL and concussions??

A: Myron Rolle

I like the way the NFL is stressing player safety! It is a violent sport, but continued education to players so they understand the risks of brain trauma is one way to counter this concussion issue. Many guys like to return to the field too soon because a non-visible head injury just has never been emphasized like an ACL tear. Once they know the damage brain trauma can do now and later in life, then they may proceed with more caution.

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