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Ask Rudy Tanzi Your Questions

ByTom MillerThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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The science-music connection runs deep in our latest profilee, Rudy Tanzi.

And you have the chance to ask him about either or both in the comments section of this post.

Q: Atem

Hi! Rudy, i was greatly fascinated by your stuff, my question is how did you deal with being from a disadvantaged family or born in a war time? i mean what advice can you give to such a kid whose country and family’s disadvantages stand as a barrier to his/her achievements of the genuine goals? i am a mechanical Engineer by profession but i am not at my best so far!!!

A: Dr. Rudy Tanzi

Dear Atem,
Challenges can be overwhelming but have often been shown to make folks stronger, as long as they appreciate that while they may not have choices regarding the obstacles they face, they always have choices regarding how they address them. In terribly challenging conditions, what matters most is perseverance, devotion, intention, attention, and trying as hard as possible to find joy in life even against all odds. Best of luck!