Bisi Ezerioha takes things apart as a kid and puts them together as an adult so they'll go VROOM!

The Movies Never Get It Right

Bisi Ezerioha reveals that even the very coolest car movies typically get the science and technology completely and utterly wrong.

Minivan On Top (Gear)

Bisi Ezerioha gives the keys to his 1029 horsepower mini-van creation to the guys from "Top Gear." And they take it for a ride near a cliff.

Zen and the Art of Automotive Maintenance

Bisi Ezerioha drives really, really fast to find his calm peaceful center.

About Bisi Ezerioha

Bisi Ezerioha is the CEO and chief engineer of his company Bisimoto Engineering. A chemical engineer by training, he was a pharmaceutical researcher for years before he decided to bring his mad engineering skills to the pursuit of creating ridiculously fast cars. His automotive creations have appeared in numerous films and video games. And oh yeah, he drives really fast… on the track.

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