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Caryn Babaian

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“Leonardo da Vinci… his whole life is sexy.”


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Caryn Babaian is a biology teacher who makes her students draw living things to engage with the world around them. She also shares an accent with Rocky Balboa.


Caryn is an artist who loves everything about Da Vinci and learns a lot from slugs.

The Art of Science

Caryn Babaian teaches Biology by having her students draw Charlie Brown.

Leonardo and I

Caryn Babaian falls in love with Leonardo da Vinci.

30 Second Science with Caryn Babaian

We give Caryn Babaian 30 seconds to describe her science and she amazes us by doing it in 20.

10 Questions with Caryn Babaian

We ask Caryn Babaian 10 questions and she disses Leonardo DiCaprio.

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About Caryn Babaian

Caryn teaches Biology at Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania.

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