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Joint statement against anti-AAPI racism

This week’s tragic killings in Atlanta are a continuation of the anti-Asian racism the country has seen for the past year. The attached letter is a joint statement reflecting our collective stand against this racism and for a commitment to fostering inclusivity in our country.

NOVA GBH Joint Anti-Racism Statement Hero

We are outraged and heartbroken by the murders of eight people in Georgia, including six women of Asian descent. Anti-Asian racism has deep roots in our country’s history, but should have no place in our country’s future. In these challenging times, with anti-Asian sentiment on the rise nationwide, we believe that silence itself can be a form of violence. As leaders in public media, we feel it is imperative for us to clearly state our opposition to misogyny, hatred and racism in all forms. And we join our chief executive, Jon Abbott, in extending heartfelt support for our Asian American/Pacific Islander friends and family, colleagues, staff and the communities we serve.

John Bredar, VP for National Programming, GBH

Raney Aronson-Rath, Executive Producer, FRONTLINE

Marsha Bemko, Executive Producer, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW

Julia Cort, Co-Executive Producer, NOVA

Denise DiIanni, Senior Executive in Charge, GBH STUDIO SIX

Laurie Donnelly, Executive Producer, GBH STUDIO SIX

Cameo George, Executive Producer, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE

Chris Schmidt, Co-Executive Producer, NOVA

Susanne Simpson, Executive Producer, MASTERPIECE

Judith Vecchione, Executive Producer, GBH STUDIO SIX

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