In the new digital series, Misinformation Nation, NOVA producer Alex Clark traces misinformation on mask-wearing from internet circles to social media influencers, and back to the CDC. Use this resource to help students identify evidence-based science in media, define misinformation and disinformation, and develop critical thinking skills as they analyze the events and media rhetoric surrounding the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic from multiple perspectives.

Fact or CAP? How to Deal With Clickbait

Teach students how to fact check like GBH journalists Alex Clark and Arun Rath using the CAP test! Use this Misinformation Nation resource to help students verify information by checking the source, analyzing the evidence, and processing the purpose. It can also help students identify inaccurate or misleading science and discuss the problematic nature of clickbait.

COVID Vaccines & Variants: What will it take to get out of this pandemic?

With the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus, including Delta, COVID-19​​ continues to spread rapidly across much of the world. In most U.S. states, a surge in cases is reigniting conversations about the country’s response to the pandemic. In this NOVA Now podcast episode, Dr. Alok Patel speaks with a leading epidemiologist and a specialist in infectious diseases to gain perspective on pressing concerns, from vaccine effectiveness and boosters to vaccine hesitancy, misinformation, and inequity at a national and global scale. Use this resource to help students identify credible sources, understand the difference between efficacy and effectiveness, and get up to speed on the latest information about vaccines.

Sciencing Out: Building Trust in Science and Medicine

Trust can be a delicate matter—especially when it’s related to science and medicine. And when scientific or medical trust is built successfully, outcomes can be life-changing. In the digital series, Sciencing Out, introduce your students to two women science communicators—one historical and one contemporary—to explore how their remarkable work is inspiring future generations of scientists. Use this resource to showcase how public trust in science is built, gained, and kept.

Vaccines—Calling the Shots

illustration of Immunity cells ganging up on a flu virus

NOVA's Vaccines—Calling the Shots takes viewers around the world to track epidemics, explore the science behind vaccinations, hear from parents wrestling with vaccine-related questions, and shed light on the risks of opting out. This video is one of four (along with “The Smallpox Vaccine,” “Herd Immunity,” and “Autism & Vaccines”) that discuss the history and effects of vaccination. Use these videos to educate students about how the body detects and fights viruses, how vaccines prepare the body to detect future infections, and the impact of vaccination at personal and societal levels.

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