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Eran Egozy

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“It’s about everyone playing together.”


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Eran Egozy is the game developer who created the gazillion-selling games “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band.”


A clarinetist since the age of twelve, Eran now plays with the classical chamber music group Radius Ensemble.  He also spends the first hour of every work day playing the clarinet.

Music for the Masses

Eran Egozy uses ones and zeros to bring music-making to everyone.

Secret: Clarinetist

Eran Egozy becomes really good at the clarinet and connects deeply with other musicians.

30 Second Science with Eran Egozy

We give Eran Egozy 30 seconds to describe his science and he does it in 27.

10 Questions for Eran Egozy

We ask Eran Egozy 10 questions and also get a look at his "Rock Band" avatar.

Blog Posts

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About Eran Egozy

Eran is an electrical engineer and computer scientist. He is Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of the video game company Harmonix Music.

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