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Harvard Forum Covers the Challenges of Alzheimer's Drug Trials

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Update: The event is now over. A video recording is available below.

Starting at 12:00 pm Eastern today, the Harvard School of Public Health will be hosting a panel that will “explore the challenges and complexities of drug trials, and how they impact disease treatment and prevention—particularly for conditions that currently have little or no therapeutic options.”

The panel will discuss several drugs in development for combatting Alzheimer’s disease—like aducanumab , the misfolded protein-targeting NPT088 , and others—but it will also bring up issues in pharmaceutical testing, the time and cost of research and development, antibiotic resistance, gender and racial disparities in clinical trial results, implications for other neurodegenerative diseases, and more. Experts on the panel will brainstorm policy recommendations that could help expedite drug development for disease threats across the globe.

This event is presented in partnership with HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, in collaboration with STAT, and in association with NOVA.

Be sure to watch NOVA “Can Alzheimer’s Be Stopped?”, which you can now stream for free online :

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