Make short social video loops With Vine

5. helps meet Common Core standards with infographics.

Common Core requires students be able to translate quantitative data into visual forms. Infographics help students create shareable visualizations that tell a story or communicate an idea. Below is another video from KQED Education that explains how to make an infographic with .

Make an Infographic with

6. Google Docs teaches data collaboration.

Encourage students to share class data through Excel documents on Google Docs. An easy and free collaborative feature alerts you when others are online and editing information. Teaching students how to use Google docs is an important professional skill, as many college classrooms and work environments are utilizing this tool too.

7. Pinterest allows students to curate visuals related to science.

Set up a classroom Pinterest account for students to share images they find for research projects or writing prompts. The NOVA Education team loves the Women in STEM and Science and Nature boards!

Pinterest boards can support classroom research and writing prompts

8. WordPress blogging can aid in peer-to-peer learning.

Set up a WordPress class account for the year and pose daily questions or writing prompts based on readings. NGSS encourages more writing in science classrooms and collaborative, peer-to-peer feedback is the main ingredient in college writing courses. Why not start now?

John Fallon believes the concerns around social media in the classroom are legitimate and “that social norm is going to be in flux for the foreseeable future.” But as an educator he has found safe alternatives around these challenges, like using email addresses within the school system or closing video sharing to only his students. Fallon and Paul Darvasi’s experiences echo that there is no one size fits all digital literacy plan. Start small with one lesson plan and expand from there.  Experimentation is key.

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Photo credit: Paul Darvasi

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