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Icy Celestial Clouds, the Maven of Mars, and X-Ray Vision: NOVA Next Week in Review

ByAllison EckNOVA NextNOVA Next

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This Week’s NOVA Next Feature Article

New devices—which could be on the market in just a few years—will let you see who’s behind a wall. And that’s just the beginning. NOVA Next contributor Phil McKenna

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reports on this remarkable through-wall radar imagery.

In other news from NOVA and around the web:

Through-wall radar, like this Cambridge Consultants Prism 200 device, has grown more capable in recent years.

    • Socially diverse groups are more innovative than homogeneous groups.
    • A few simple steps can help you protect your digital life. NOVA Labs’ Cybersecurity Lab shows you how .
    • Results from NASA’s Maven probe could prove critical in the search for life on Mars.
    • Experiments at a particle accelerator in Germany have confirmed that time moves slower for a moving clock than for a stationary one.
    • What happens when you get struck by lightning ? Scientists are still scratching their heads.
    • “Thieves are not going after one identity but thousands or millions of them.” Here’s how they do it .

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Image Credit: Cambridge Consultants