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Jessica Banks

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“I like creating objects that are a little bit strange and that are beautiful.”


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Jessica Banks designs kinetic furniture, including mechanized chandeliers and levitating float tables.


Jessica is a skull-ptor who decorates the skulls of small mammals.

Immersed in Wonder

Jessica Banks tries to keep everyone as awake as she is with the awe-inspiring objects she makes.

30 Seconds with Jessica Banks

Roboticist Jessica Banks starts an explanation of kinetic furniture, which then became an amazing, stream-of-conscious confessional.

10 Questions for Jessica Banks

Why did we ask Jessica Banks if she prefers Al Franken or Frankenstein? Watch her 10 Questions video and this will all begin to make sense.

A Haiku with Jessica Banks

Jessica Banks carries out a shrewd, treacherous act the likes of which we’ve never seen here at Secret Life. And we never saw it coming.

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About Jessica Banks

Jessica Banks is a roboticist, engineer and designer who creates kinetic furniture that she sells through her company, Rock Paper Robot. Among Jessica’s other creative pursuits, she’s a skull-ptor – she decorates small animal skulls (without the animals) and turns them into tiny works of art.

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