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Judy Lee's "How to make a blow-up tent"

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When Judy was young, she and her brother, Jerome, used to build all kinds of forts. They would build them in the woods and they’d build them at home. In fact, Jerome is the inventor of the blow-up tent. According to Judy, here’s how you can make your very own:

“Lift up the heating vent grate and tuck one end of the sheet around it.

“Drape the other end onto a stool or something tall and put a heavy book onto it to keep it in place.

“Place books along the sides of the tent to make sure you have a good seal.
“When the heat kicks on, it’ll blow the sheet up and you’ll have a blow up tent!
“We used to build one and sleep in the tent. So cool.”

Take a look:

Judy Lee's "How to make a blow-up tent"-blowup_tent_2-1.jpg
Okay kids, DO try this at home.