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Learn Na'vi with Avatar's Paul Frommer

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Uvan Vomuna Pamrelviyä – The Ten Letter Game

Interested in learning Na’vi? Head straight to the source. “Avatar” linguist Paul Frommer created a puzzle exclusively for “Secret Life,” to acquaint fans with the language of Pandora. Give it a try, using the instructions below. The first three to solve the puzzle will get a shout out on Twitter. We’ll post an answer and name the three winners on Wednesday, April 24th.


Find each of these 10-letter Na’vi words in the Na’vi-English online dictionary (either the Apple mobile app, available at , which is reversible to English-Na’vi, or the downloadable dictionaries at ). Then using the dictionary once again, rearrange the circled letters to form another 10-letter word that relates to life on Pandora. Keep in mind that in Na’vi, the apostrophe, which represents the glottal stop, is as much a letter as any other. Comment below with your Bonus word guess.

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Navi Puzzle

The answer: Meoauniaea, meaning harmony