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Meet the NOVA Science Studio Team

ByTenijah HamiltonNOVA Science StudioNOVA Science Studio
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Ralph Bouquet — Director of Education and Outreach, NOVA

Ralph Bouquet is the Director of Education and Outreach for NOVA, the PBS science documentary series produced by WGBH in Boston. At NOVA, Ralph’s team supports science educators through the creation of free STEM classroom resources distributed through PBS LearningMedia and engages new audiences for NOVA’s broadcast and digital content through science communication events and outreach campaigns across the country. Before NOVA, Ralph taught high school biology and chemistry in Philadelphia and then worked in ed-tech at a Boston-based startup. Ralph received his B.A. in psychology from Harvard University and studied secondary science methods while completing his M.Ed. at UPenn.

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Tenijah Hamilton — NOVA Science Studio Program Manager, NOVA

Tenijah Hamilton is the Program Manager for the NOVA Science Studio, the first youth facing program from NOVA, the PBS science documentary series produced by WGBH in Boston. Bringing with her a passion for work at the intersection of media and social impact, Tenijah joined the NOVA Education team in 2018 where she executed the Boston pilot of the NOVA Science Studio. Through her work as Program Manager, she aims to to empower the next generation of science communicators by making STEM more accessible for underrepresented youth. Previously she has worked in the public sector in Wellington, New Zealand as well as in New York City at the nonprofit arm of a major international film festival. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications and Film/Media Studies from the University of West Georgia.


Alex Clark — Digital Video Producer, NOVA

Alex Clark is the Digital Video Producer for the NOVA Science Studio and produces original videos for the program and leads video production training for site coordinators and students. Alex is a video journalist, cinematographer, and instructor of documentary filmmaking and he holds a degree in journalism from Columbia University. He has created TV and digital content for PBS, NBC, and NowThis. A lover of all things science, he produced and co-hosted Vox’s Emmy-nominated YouTube series, Glad You Asked.


Kara Norton — NOVA Education Digital Editor

Kara is the NOVA Education Digital Editor responsible for producing original content for science educators on NOVA Education’s website and social media channels, as well as providing editorial support for the development of curriculum and workshop series for the NOVA Science Studio. Prior to NOVA, Kara worked as an independent wildlife and environment journalist. She has reported on a range of topics at the intersection of science and social issues including environmental justice for nail salon workers in New York City, the link between the illegal wildlife trade and COVID-19, the next generation of female ocean explorers, as well as a series of in-depth interviews with the organizers of the viral online movement Black Birders Week. Kara holds degrees in journalism and environmental studies from New York University.


Dr. Brian Southwell — Advisor to the NOVA Science Studio Program

Dr. Brian Southwell is Senior Director of the Science in the Public Sphere Program in the Center for Communication Science at RTI International. He is a social scientist who oversees quantitative and qualitative research to assess risk perceptions, mental models of scientific concepts, and trust in science and scientists. In addition, Dr. Southwell is an Adjunct Professor and Duke-RTI Scholar with Duke University, where he has taught courses in sociology, public policy, and documentary studies. He also is a graduate faculty member (in Media and Journalism) and Adjunct Associate Professor (of Health Behavior) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Southwell’s contributions appear in more than 100 journal articles and chapters and his various books, including Misinformation and Mass Audiences (University of Texas Press) and Social Networks and Popular Understanding of Science and Health (Johns Hopkins University Press), have been focused on public understanding of science. Southwell is host of a public radio show, The Measure of Everyday Life, for WNCU. He also is an active participant in efforts to address public understanding of science, including frequent talks in venues such as the Aspen Ideas Festival.

The NOVA Science Studio empowers students with the skills to tell engaging stories about science through text journalism and short-form video and creates a platform to amplify the voices of young people who have been traditionally underrepresented in science communication.