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MERS, Microbiome, and Mortality: NOVA Next Week in Review

ByAllison EckNOVA NextNOVA Next

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This Week’s NOVA Next Feature

What will it take to prepare for future infectious disease outbreaks? To find out, we collaborated with

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The GroundTruth Project on a in-depth, multi-part investigation called Next Outbreak .

Our second feature asks: why do know so little about MERS, the slowly simmering virus that threatens to boil over into a full-blown pandemic? GroundTruth correspondent Alisa Reznick reports .

Also, don’t miss our exclusive story behind the promising, but fundamentally flawed, diesel Volkswagen engine that cheated on emissions tests—reported by NOVA Next editor Tim De Chant.

In other news:

Ibrahim al-Mazana greets one of the six camels he keeps penned behind his home in one of several villages in southern Jordan's Wadi Rum desert on August 6, 2015.

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