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Rachel Collins

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“I am your soul’s tormentor.”


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Rachel Collins is a microbiologist who studies bacteria and antibiotics. Her favorite bacterium smells like butterscotch.


Rachel is a professional wrestler who goes by the name of Mschif. She is your "Soul’s Tormentor."

Green Hair in the Lab

Rachel Collins follows in her dad's footsteps and becomes a scientist, only with green hair.

The Show Must Go On

Rachel Coliins turns into wrestler "MsChif" and scares the Secret Life team… a lot.

30 Second Science with Rachel Collins

We give Rachel Collins 30 seconds to describe her science and she body-slams bacteria.

10 Questions for Rachel Collins

We ask Rachel Collins 10 questions and she professes her love for George "the Animal" Steele.
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About Rachel Collins

Rachel is a microbiologist who works in a lab in St. Louis, MO. Her main area is the testing of antibiotics.

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