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Secret Lifer Revisited: Katharine Hayhoe Clarifies Climate Confusion

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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This entry is the first in a new series called “Secret Life Revisted.” In these posts we will revisit scientists who have already revealed their secret lives, and are back in the news for their exciting work in science–as it turns out, these folks get a lot done when they’re not busy talking to us!

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Katharine Clarifies Climate Confusion

When an unprecedented storm devastates the country, you might expect a climate
scientist or an Evangelical Christian to make some strong claims based on personal views. Katharine Hayhoe is both of those things—and yet, she’s not taking the bait.

Secret Lifer Revisited:  Katharine Hayhoe Clarifies Climate Confusion-katharine-video4still-mean.jpg
Katharine Hayhoe wants you to know what’s REALLY going on with climate change.

Hayhoe researches how climate change affects our lives (see Katharine in action on her homepage! ), so as
tweeters and mainstream media speculated that Sandy might be “caused” by global
warming, naturally, they looked to her to confirm their suspicions. But she would do no
such thing—instead, she spent a week clarifying misconceptions about the storm by sticking to the facts.

In response to a tweet pointing to climate change as Sandy’s cause, Hayhoe
corrected, “Caused, NO. Lg hurricanes not unusual this time of yr. Exacerbated, v