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Staff Picks - March 15th, 2013

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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This week: the relationship between faith and science got interesting, Jurassic Park is becoming too real for comfort, and Radio Lab tells us about the scary things we do while we’re asleep. Hot off the press – we bring you the best science reporting in the public broadcasting space this week.

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NOVA: Cornering the Higgs

This week in history-making science news, scientists have discovered a new subatomic particle that could turn out to be the elusive Higgs boson particle (known on the streets as the “God particle”). NOVA talked with one of the scientists who conducted the groundbreaking study, and we must thank all parties involved with the interview for finally explaining all of this Higgs boson talk in language that we can understand.

Staff Picks - March 15th, 2013-higgs_boson
Could this be the “God Particle”?

Radio Lab: One Eye Open

Before you feel guilty for sleeping in on a Saturday, consider the fact that once we close our eyes close to go to sleep, the brain continues right on functioning. Often, that’s when things get really interesting. From children who run in their sleep to adults who bark like a dog or jump out of windows, this piece takes a deeper look at the action-packed events of our sleeping hours.