Tanzeem describes how a clown fish can tell you about your mood and help you live a better life.

I Took it as a Challenge!

Tanzeem Choudhury comes to digital tech later than most, then makes it do amazing things.

30 Seconds with Tanzeem Choudhury

We gave Tanzeem thirty seconds to tell us about her work with smart phones, and she didn’t strike out.

10 Questions for Tanzeem

We ask Tanzeem Choudhury 10 questions, and she reveals her love for cool, talking cars.

Blog Posts

Full Bloom

About Tanzeem Choudhury

Tanzeem Choudhury is Associate Professor of Information Science at Cornell University where she leads the People-Aware Computing Lab. She and her team develop cell-phone apps that can track a person’s emotional well-being. Tanzeem herself was a digital late bloomer, only touching a computer for the first time in a college computer programming class.

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