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Technology, Biology, and a Memory Revolution

ByKate NussenbaumNOVA EducationNOVA Education

When I share random pieces of information I’ve picked up from science blogs or magazines, my friends often get that “if-this-story-lasts-more-than-three-minutes-I’m-leaving” look in their eyes. But there’s one anecdote that they respond to with appreciation, and even envy.

It’s the story of Kim Peek, a savant gifted with the extraordinary ability to scan pages of books two at a time and instantly memorize their entire contents. In many ways, Peek had a difficult life. His unique brain structure stripped him of the ability to interact on the same social plane as most people.

But it’s no wonder my friends sigh with jealousy. To be able to read and remember hundreds of pages of content so effortlessly sounds like a dream come true for most college students.