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Barrington Irving

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“I didn’t realize it was a challenge. I just thought it was something cool.”


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Barrington was the first African-American to fly around the world solo; in so doing, he overcame multiple storms as well as the lack of a bathroom.


As an educator, Barrington engages kids in math and science and building airplanes (which he actually flies!).

30 Seconds on Flying Around the World Solo

We give Barrington Irving 30 seconds to describe flying around the world solo and then we have to bleep him.

Got 30 Dollars in My Pocket

Barrington Irving starts his journey from "humble beginnings" to trailblazing pilot.

It’s Priceless

Barrington Irving completes his flight around the world and returns home to get kids as excited about aviation as he is.

Barrington Was A Rolling Stone

What does an around-the-world pilot do to stay awake while flying? SING!

About Barrington Irving

In 2007, Barrington Irving became the first African American and the youngest person at that time to pilot a plane around the world solo. When he eventually landed back at the Miami airport where he started, Barrington began to use his achievement as a way to reach young people. His educational foundation, Experience Aviation, works to “lift today’s youth to a higher plane.”

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