Bill Nye uses the unlikely pairing of Steve Martin and Carl Sagan as role models to become "the Science Guy."

30 Seconds on Tying Bow Ties

We give Bill Nye 30 seconds to teach us how to tie a bow tie and he makes some whale noises.

Bill Nye, The Bow Tie Guy

We ask Bill Nye all about bow ties and he confesses to cheating on his taxes.

Dancing With The Science Guy

Bill Nye dances on TV while millions cheer him on (and wear lab coats).

A Whale of a Joke

Bill Nye uses science to be funny (while making whale noises). Well, what did you expect him to do?

I Took Astronomy From Carl Sagan

Bill Nye explains how he took an Astronomy class from Carl Sagan & carries on his legacy.

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Bill Nye the Bow Tie Guy
8 Facts about Bill Nye

About Bill Nye

Bill Nye is a Cornell-trained engineer who worked at Boeing before winning a gazillion Emmys and turning millions of kid onto science as “Bill Nye, the Science Guy.” The man also totally knows how to rock a bow tie.

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