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Bruce Jackson

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“DNA is a powerful tool, but genetics is not a stand-alone discipline.”


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Bruce is a DNA scientist who traces the ancestry of African-Americans and helps to solve crimes.


Bruce is a SCUBA diver who teaches kids to dive so they’ll learn about science.

A DNA Mystery

When someone mentions a molecule like DNA, what comes to mind? CSI detectives? Evidence? Nailing the bad guy? Bruce Jackson has a different angle.

30 Second Science with Bruce Jackson

The DNA Detective himself.

10 Questions for Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson opens up to us about what he looks for in a diving partner, the scariest thing he’s encountered underwater and how he really feels about the science on CSI.

Blog Posts

“The Picture” – Bruce Jackson & President Obama’s Kodak Moment


About Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson is Professor and Head of the Biotechnology Programs at Massachusetts Bay Community College. His work focuses on how DNA – in conjunction with other tools – can help solve mysteries of ancestry, forensics and evolution. Bruce is an expert scuba diver and the founder of the Diving Buddies program, where he shares his love of diving with young children.

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