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James Levine

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“Science takes you inside the coat covers of God.”


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James studies and treats obesity; like his namesake – James Brown – he wants you to “get up… get on up” out of your chair and move!


James is a slam poetry champion who has written two novels based on his experiences as a medical doctor working with children around the world.

“I Came Alive as a Person”

James Levine goes from couch potato to inventor of the treadmill desk and leads a crusade against obesity.

30 Seconds on Sitting

Dr. James Levine tells you to get up... NOW!

What Is This Guy Doing Here?

James Levine becomes a slam poet and shows the kids how it's done.

Different Banks On The Same River

Science and Art - James Levine says they're both really about flying rocket ships.

About James Levine

James Levine is a medical doctor and obesity researcher at the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University. He is also the inventor of the treadmill desk. While he’s standing up (whether at his treadmill desk or not), James is also a slam poetry champion and the author of two novels, “The Blue Notebook” and “Bingo’s Run.”

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