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Janna Levin

ByJanna LevinThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“One of the most beautiful things about science is that it unifies all of us.”


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Janna asks huge questions about our universe, how it started, and where we came from. Her tools? Paper, pen, math and profound curiosity.


Janna’s novel, “A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines,” is about two mathematicians, but its goal is to hit you “in the solar plexus.”

30 Seconds on Why We Should Care

We give Janna Levin 30 seconds to explain her science and she aims for transcendence.

I’m Still That Same Kid

Janna Levin looks out the window, up at the sky, and asks the same questions she did as a little girl.

What’s So Funny About The Big Bang Theory?

Janna Levin explains how Sheldon and Leonard find the funny in their science.

Questions for the Novelist

Janna Levin is a scientist who writes novels. Sadly, that doesn't mean she can help Mad Men's Don Draper become a better person.

About Janna Levin

Janna Levin is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Barnard College of Columbia University. Her research focuses on the early universe, chaos and black holes. When she isn’t trying to figure out why anything exists, Janna writes novels including the much-celebrated “A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines.”

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