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Preetha Ram

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“Just getting the right answer doesn’t have as much value as igniting that spark of interest in them.”


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From childhood, Preetha Ram has had a lifelong love affair with chemistry.


Her tools for sharing her love of chemistry? Social networking and simplicity (depending on the audience).


Chemist Preetha Ram uses social media to get young people addicted to science.

30 Seconds on Teaching Teenagers and Buddhist Monks

We give Preetha Ram 30 seconds to talk about teaching science and she kicks our collective butt.

Hello Dalai

Preetha Ram teaches science to the Dalai Lama's monks and learns some Buddhist science while she's at it.

What’s the Dalai Lama Really Like?

The Dalai Lama holds Preetha Ram's hand, tells some jokes and is #awesome.

Blog Posts

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About Preetha Ram

Preetha Ram is a Professor of Chemistry and the Associate Dean of Science Education at Emory University. She’s also the founder of Open Study , an online learning center that facilitates peer-to-peer learning via social networking. Preetha also sometimes teaches science to Buddhist monks as well… at the request of the Dalai Lama.

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