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Physics + MathPhysics & Math

Simon Singh

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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“I loved physics. Through physics, you could understand how the universe worked.”


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A trained PhD physicist, Simon realized that he felt most fulfilled getting other people as excited about science as he’d always been. He’s made films and written books and indeed gotten lots and lots of folks excited about science.


Almost by accident, Simon noticed that there were many, many math jokes embedded in “The Simpsons.” After a little research, he found out why Homer is such a closet mathematician.

D’oh = mc²

Simon Singh moves from physics to science journalism and discovers that there is an insane amount of math in "The Simpsons."

It All Started with a Big Bang

One of Simon Singh's books inspires the Barenaked Ladies to write a sitcom theme.

Religion and Science Shake Hands

Don't think it's possible? Simon Singh explains how their partnership may go all the way back to a little something called the Big Bang.