Tom Scholz starts his journey from mild-mannered Polaroid engineer to guitar-shredding God of Rock.

One In A Million

Tom Scholz's band Boston has the largest-selling debut album EVER... and he finally quits his day job at Polaroid.

Sound Machine

Tom Scholz takes us behind the scenes for a one-of-a-kind tour of his studio and his life.

30 Seconds on Guitar Solos

We give Tom Scholz 30 seconds to tell us about guitar solos... and he plays one!

About Tom Scholz

Tom Scholz is an MIT-trained engineer and inventor who also happens to be the mastermind, songwriter and lead guitarist of the band Boston. Boston has sold something like a bajillion albums and Tom continues to record, tour and invent equipment for himself and other musicians. His invention, the Rockman, is used by all manner of guitarists, from Rock and Roll Hall of Famers to the budding shredder who lives on your street.

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