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Welcome to NOVA Next

ByTim De ChantNOVA NextNOVA Next

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NOVA has long been a trusted and revered name in broadcast television. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been sharing with you the wonders and delights of science, exploration, and discovery. And now we’re bringing that same expertise and passion to science journalism on the web. Again.

NOVA has a similarly long history on the web. Back in 1996, when it was cutting-edge to have a web page, NOVA launched an entire website. What followed was a series of innovative reports, interactive features, and in-depth articles. We’re nearing our 20

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th year on the web, and ahead of that milestone, we’re rolling out a new initiative, NOVA Next.

Over the horizon

NOVA Next will be focused on big stories, the sort you’re used to hearing from NOVA. We’ll have some of the biggest names in science, technology, and engineering giving us the inside scoop on the future of their fields. We’ll also have some of the best and brightest science journalists tracking down and reporting important and compelling science stories. From the future of humankind in space to the frontiers of synthetic biology to the science and politics of personalized medicine—and more—we’ll have it covered.

And because this is NOVA, we haven’t forgotten about video. From our extensive library, we can round out our articles with rich animations and exclusive interviews. We can supplement op-eds with profiles of the scientists and experts who wrote them. With video, we’ll be making our articles and opinion pieces more immersive and more informative.

We’ve designed NOVA Next to be an excellent reading experience, too, no matter what type of device you’re on. It’s fully responsive, meaning it will look great on your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Just bookmark one URL no matter where you are or what you’re on, and our site will do the rest.

Finally, we couldn’t have done it without readers like you. You told us you wanted op-eds from leading scientists and in-depth reports from talented journalists, and we heard you. We hope NOVA Next delivers. If you like what you see, consider a donation to your local PBS station. It’ll help NOVA and NOVA Next continue to tell the science stories that need to be told. Let us know what you think, too. We’re listening on Facebook , Twitter , and email .

Welcome to NOVA Next.

Tim De Chant

Photo courtesy NASA