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Welcome to Secret Life

ByTom MillerThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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So scientists and engineers have secret lives?

Well, Albert Einstein sure did. He was quoted as saying “I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my violin.” The violin? Not e=mc²? Not the theory of relativity? Not his first girlfriend, Inga? Nope.

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The violin . Einstein even used the violin to help him do science; when he got stuck on a problem, his preferred method of getting unstuck was to improvise on the violin.

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The man himself… Albert E.

So is our message that you should learn to play the violin?

Not so much. It’s more like this. Man and woman do not live by science and engineering alone.

And thus… “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.”

“Secret Life” is an Emmy-nominated web video series and site from the makers of one of the most acclaimed American science series ever, PBS’s NOVA . Every two weeks, “Secret Life” premieres another set of intimate, engaging, and funny videos about a new scientist or engineer… who happens to have a secret. So while you’ll see and hear some of the smartest people in the world talk about cutting-edge research and fantastic experiments, you’ll also learn their answers to questions like “When was the last time you ate blood?” and “Have you ever been called ‘Doogie Howser’?”

This is also a place where you can ask our scientists and engineers questions and interact with them (and the “Secret Life” team) on our frequently-updated blog . If you’re a teacher, check out our Teacher Tips . If you’d like to explore a particular topic, you can use our Scientist Index . And if you want to get social, visit us on Facebook , and for those of you who think 140 characters can sum up just about anything, Twitter (and in all fairness, e=mc² only takes up five characters, so 140 characters should have the potential to be a full 28 times more amazing!).

We at “Secret Life” are glad that you’re here and we hope you’ll come back often.

Inga would have wanted it that way.

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