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"Where I Work" with Danielle Whittaker

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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We want to know where today’s leading scientists do all of their groundbreaking work. So we asked them to send us photos of their work place. Introducing – the “Where I Work” series. We’ll find out who has a neat desk, and who needs to clean, where leading scientists stash their PhD degrees, and which scientists have the strangest and silliest artifacts sitting next to their keyboards.

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Here’s what evolutionary biologist and roller derby referee Danielle Whittaker had to say about her office:

“We have beautiful offices at BEACON , and I love mine – it was the first office of my very own that I didn’t have to share, and had a door that actually closes! I keep my desk surface clear and my files organized, because otherwise I can’t concentrate. I have derby posters all over the walls, plus photos and antique drawings of animals.”
-Dr. Danielle Whittaker

We see you up there, monkey.
Roller Derby in the work place.
A nice, clean desk space
Three degrees of education